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Scout Purple

RGB r116 g20 b220
CMYK c72 m80 y0 k0
Pantone Violet C
HEX #7413dc
Thread YJB506

Scout Teal

RGB r0 g167 b148
CMYK c74 m0 y45 k0
Pantone 3275 C
HEX #00a794
Thread YHG725

Scout Red

RGB r226 g46 b18
CMYK c0 m90 y100 k0
Pantone Red 032 C
HEX #e22e12
Thread YHG125

Scout Pink

RGB r255 g180 b229
CMYK c2 m30 y0 k0
Pantone 183 C
HEX #ffb4e5
Thread YHG113

Scout Black

RGB r0 g0 b0
CMYK c0 m0 y0 k0
Pantone Process Black C
HEX #000000
Thread Black

Scout Green

RGB r35 g169 b80
CMYK c75 m0 y91 k0
Pantone 347 C
HEX #23a950
Thread YHG741

Scout Navy

RGB r0 g58 b130
CMYK c100 m88 y12 k0
Pantone 294 C
HEX #003982
Thread YHG328

Scout Blue

RGB r0 g110 b224
CMYK c95 m35 y0 k0
Pantone 285 C
HEX #006ddf
Thread YHG334

Scout Yellow

RGB r255 g230 b39
CMYK c0 m6 y90 k0
Pantone 108 C
HEX #ffe627
Thread YHG207

Scout Section Green

RGB r0 g72 b81
CMYK c97 m21 y33 k73
Pantone 316 C
HEX #004851
Thread YJB613

Our Logos and Templates


Email Signature

Simply copy and paste the template into your email application of choice, then add your details accordingly.
Please note, email signatures should be in Arial.
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We prepare young people with skills for life

Help & Support

For help with our brand and to find more resources, head to the UK Brand Centre. If you need advice regarding specific branding, please contact our Assistant County Commissioner for Communications, Sam Poole.
Visit the UK Brand Centre

Promoting Scouts at Pride


Social Media Guides

Hampshire Scouts have made some guides to help you make the most of your social media channels and feeds. Designed to be understood by anyone, even those new to this, you can download them here.
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Zoom Backgrounds

We've put together a number of exciting backgrounds that you can display behind you whenever you're on Zoom.
Zoom backgrounds
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